Year In Review

As we approach the beginning of 2020, I thought it would be fun to look back at what we’ve done the last five months of 2019. Our first post was on August 4th, and when we started I didn’t really have any vision for what we’d make of this new site. Over the next few months, this became a fun way to connect with friends, family, and make new contacts via the internet with people who have similar interests. It also sparked us to make more road trips in order to have content to post each Saturday. Of the last thirteen weeks, nine of the posts have been about day trips we have taken since September 1st. Without this blog to push us, I wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy all that extra time out on the road with my kids, so I’m appreciative to have this as a driving force.

In the five months we’ve been up, we’ve now had about 2,100 page views, from over 30 countries and 6 continents. To be able to share our adventures that many times, across that many places is really exciting to me. Thank you to all who have spent some time enjoying our stories!

Our top 10 most visited posts in 2019 have been as follows:

10) Nashville Famous Grave Tour – Oct 2019

9) Twenty

8) Southern Appalachian Mountain Drive

7) #TBT – Sea World San Diego 1988

6) #TBT – Skyline Drive 1986

5) Pigeon Forge, TN – July 2019

4) Cowan Fall Festival – Sept 2019

3) Carolinas Part 3 – June 2018

2) #TBT – Amtrak Southwest Chief 1988

1) Smokey and the Bandit Filming Sites

Each post above has a link so that you can visit it if you would like.

This is also the first week that we are combining our Road Trip Songs of the Week and Photo of the Week into our Main Weekly Update. So, without further delay, let’s jump to those.

Road Trip Songs of the Week

The weather here is calling for rain today, so we’ll keep that theme in our music. First up is our Rock song of the week, Rainy Night in Georgia. This is a cover of a Brook Benton hit from 1969, recorded in 1994 by Sam Moore and Conway Twitty.

Next we’ll jump to our Country song of the week. In 1980, Ronnie Milsap released Smoky Mountain Rain, which was selected by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the top 100 country songs ever. It was also selected in 2010 as an official state song of Tennessee by the General Assembly. I had this song select on a list of future entries a couple of months ago, and then just recently learned that Ronnie has re-recorded the song. 39 years after the original, he entered the studio with Dolly Parton, recorded this as a duet, with new lines written for Dolly. To me, this may be a better version than the original. Both are posted below, I’ll let you decide.

Photo of the Week

So, since we just talked about Ronnie Milsap, thought this would be a cool photo to share. This was taken at the Willie Nelson and Friends Museum in Nashville. It’s an issue of Playboy from Ronnie Milsap that he’s autographed. And it’s all in braille. I guess it’s true that some people really do read it for the articles.

That’s it for this week, see you back next Thursday for another #TBT post. Have a great week!