Well, I’ve stumbled my way back to here after an eight month absence. This darned pandemic has really screwed up road trips, and has curtailed our ability to travel this year. As we went thought April and into May and it became obvious that our whole year was changing, we had to think about new activities we could do, and what that would look like. As I was scrolling through YouTube one day, I realized that I was watching a lot of videos of trains. And I thought….why am I sitting here watching these, instead of out making them myself? We started just prior to Memorial Day, found a couple of places to observe trains around Nashville, and bought a good video camera to take footage. In the months that have followed, we’ve filmed 100’s of trains, almost gotten to 100 subscribers on YouTube, upgraded cameras, and added in a drone. Adam and Rachael have also gotten interested, and have their own social channels where they post videos and still images. We’ve taken day trips to chase trains to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. We’ve now seen all seven Class 1 railroad companies in America. All pretty awesome stuff!

So, having said that, it’s required just about all of my time and energy to get that going. We’re producing 5+ videos for YouTube each week, and we spend hours running up and down the rails chasing trains on weekends or on vacation days. We’d like to have you along for the ride as well, so if you have interest in trains, or ever have during your lifetime, check us out, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Our main website is, and on that site you’ll find links to my Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as a wealth of information. You’ll also find links to Adam’s Instagram and Flickr pages, where he goes by Salty Hopper. You’ll also find a link to Rachael’s Instagram page, she is Railway Roses.

I’ll bounce back over here with updates from time to time, and post-pandemic, we’ll be back to making road trips and talking about them here. I suspect there will be a lot of crossover between the two efforts!

Thanks, stay SAFE, and enjoy the holidays!