While We’ve Been Away

It seems we haven’t been using this space very much over the past two months. We’ve been launching another project, and just waiting for Old Man Winter to go away, so that we can get back on the road. The new project started out as an idea to sell some old stuff we had laying around on eBay to help fund future road trips. Then the whole direction changed through the holidays as my kids pulled me back into the world of sports card collecting, which I thought I was done with about 10 years ago. The two paths crossed, and we’re about 30 days into what is becoming a pretty successful online sports card shop, which can be found at mjsportscards.com. If card collecting is something you’re interested in, take an online stroll through the store.

First vacation of the new year is coming up in two more weeks, most of the family is headed to Florida, right now I’m still working through whether or not I’ll be able to go along as well. In any event, as soon as we hit the road this year, we’ll be back on here to bring you all along with us.