Changes Are Coming

This week you may have noticed that we aren’t publishing daily content. In an effort to improve the quality of the content, I’ve decided to reduce to two planned weekly updates. We’ll continue with Throwback Thursday posts, obviously on Thursdays. Then we’ll also have our Main Weekly Update on Saturdays as usual. The Saturday post will contain the main subject material for the week, as well as a ‘Photo of the Week’, and two ‘Road Trip Songs of the Week’. We’ll continue to publish the songs on our public Apple Music playlist for you to download as well.

These changes allow us to reduce three posts per week, and dedicate that time to improving the quality and length of the posts. while still essentially sharing the exact same content each week.

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve, have a Merry Christmas tomorrow, and we’ll see you back here on Thursday for the start of the new posting schedule!