#TBT – Hendrick Motorsports – 2002

In this week’s picture, we have an image taken from the fabrication shop at Hendrick Motorsports, the day after the fall Rockingham race of 2002. At that time, the museum at Hendrick was in the same building, but much smaller. The 24/48 teams were up on the hill where they are now, but the 5 and 25 teams at that time were still housed in the lower portion of the campus. I don’t believe the fab shop was actually open to the public, but we went in anyway, and the 5 team of Terry Labonte had just returned from a Talladega test the prior week, testing the new 03 Monte Carlo body. In this picture, you can make out Robbie Loomis, and a few other notable team members from HMS. Gary DeHart, 5 team crew chief, was off to the side talking to David Green, who may have driven the car at the test. When he saw us taking pictures of these new body styles, his head almost exploded. He made it quite clear that we should leave immediately, and if we took another picture, we’d be leaving without our camera. Off we went…..

2003 MC at Hendrick