Photo of the Week – Sep 17

For this weeks photo, we’ll go back to a 2010 trip that we took to Graceland. My wife is an Elvis fan, and we took a day trip to Memphis so she could see the home of the King. Well, a King at least. ‘The King’ is ‘Sir Richard of Level Cross’, or as us commoners call him, Richard Petty, but I digress. I am not a big fan of Elvis, so I most likely wasn’t on my best behavior on this trip, highlighted by the fact that whenever I am asked what my favorite part of the tour was, I always talk about the car in this week’s photo. This bad boy was sitting out in the parking lot. How awesome is this. Whoever is responsible for this, did an awesome job, and I hope that they are still enjoying their ride. Earnharrdddtttt!!!!!!

2010-06-10 13.02.51