Photo of the Week – Sep 3

Each week we are going to post a ‘photo of the week’. As we were looking through the past couple of years worth of images, I was drawn to this image. It’s a bit sad to take a look at, but this is a hotel in Staunton, VA, off of I-81 at US-250. This was most recently a Red Roof Inn, but when I was a kid in the 80’s, this was a Shoney’s Inn, with a Shoney’s Restaurant at the front of the property. I’m not sure how many hotels Shoney’s had, but I think they exited the hotel business in the late 90’s. This was a nice property, multiple buildings, with a separate building just for the office and pool. We stayed there multiple times, and I have many fond memories, as this was my mom’s hometown. Adam and I were in town in 2018, so I took him by to show where we used to stay, and ran across this scene. Evidently they had a massive fire in 2017, as you can read about here. This was the building we used to stay in, normally in the end room on the first floor. Truly sad!